Made with love 💖

I very reluctantly named the link to this page “Creations”, after being so averse to “Work” and “Projects”. A part of me even wanted to call this “Museum”. Whatever. All you need to know is that these are some of the things I’ve put effort into.

📝 Hey Georgie

Personal blog

My blog. I’m not a content creator, so I can only promise to publish a post at least once every ten days. None of this “new posts every Tuesday and Friday!” business. Though, if I actually did stick to my schedule, that’s probably pretty close to what it would be like.

Built on WordPress (ooh yeah, ya girl designed and coded that theme with her bare hands), this is the same blog I’ve kept since 2008, with a few crooked pieces. You certainly won’t find my entries from prior to 2008. I’ve had many a discussion about “why don’t you use a static site gen”, but even if I tried, I’m sure the 1,500+ posts and 26,000+ comments will have other ideas.

📓 the off switch is broken

Poetry collection, 2020

This poetry collection was inspired by my experiences with technology: working as a software engineer, growing up in a technological age, being exposed to toxic work environments, and what identity means on the internet. Drawing from my life on the internet as a blogger, and my career as a user interface engineer, the off switch is broken evokes feelings of discomfort and failure, as well as nostalgia and triumph. There are nuances to very piece that reflect fragments of my experiences, and perhaps reflect shared experiences with other people I know in the community.

I’m proud of this self-published piece of work. I grew up loving poetry and learning about literary devices that would tell stories in a way that wasn’t narrative. I wrote some songs in a brief music stint, but it wasn’t until I began to write poetry that I felt I could really express how I felt.

👩🏻‍💻 Hey Girlfriend!

Interview series, 2017–2019

I grew up with computers. I learned to code when I was ten years old. My parents were supportive of my hobbies and my aspirations. I never thought it was unusual that a girl was working with computers until someone pointed it out.

Hey Girlfriend! was an interview series that ran from 2017–2019 on my blog which relates to a movement very close to my heart: that of women working in tech. The stereotype that using computers is a “man’s job” is a dated, harmful one, and after years of working in the industry and noticing a shortage of women in tech, I started this interview series to feature women from all around the globe, of varying ages and backgrounds, who work in some sector of technology where women and non-binary folks are a gender minority.

I stopped conducting interviews in 2019 due to other commitments. My support for women and non-binary folks in tech has continued, and I continue to empower and inspire others through mentorship and social media. For now, I hope that the small archive of interviews serves as a beautiful snapshot of just a fraction of the amazing women in tech at a particular point in time.